Research tool

Benovate’s advanced approach

to employee population data Analytics

Imagine what you could learn…

…if you had a one-on-one meeting with every single one of your employees, and they were completely open with you.

They shared their concerns, both personal and professional. They told you about all of their health risks, and gave you a detailed biometric file of their medical background.

Imagine what you could do if you could compile all those conversations into real-time charts that would change over time, as their risks and concerns change.

Imagine what you could do to motivate, educate, and prepare your workforce.

Imagine the difference if you could support the whole human in each employee.

Data is only good if you can use it

Even if you conduct an employee survey every year, is that really often enough? Is one limited set of spread-sheet responses really sufficient for you? 

What if you could see more, and take action based on what you learn immediately? 

See what real data, from better engagement, could mean for you and your team. Schedule a demo today to see the Benovate Population Research Tool & Analytics Dashboard for yourself. 

Give us 25 minutes, we’ll show you brand new insights into the whole human in a way we’re sure you’ve never seen before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how the Population Research Tool works!

Is the tool included, or do I pay an extra fee?

There are no additional fees or set-up process steps – Our analytics dashboard is included with every Benovate program.

The Benovate Population Research Tool is free of charge for do-it-yourself analytics. 

We also offer advanced consultative services to support your research efforts should you need them. For rates and hands-on coaching sessions, please email clients@benovate.com to schedule a time.

Can I compare historical data?

Yes! One of the most popular features of the Benovate Population Research tool is the side-by-side comparisons. You can load one set of data, save your custom search results, and then compare them over time.

Imagine being able to show your leadership team how your Wellbeing Program has impacted your population – Not just with anecdotes, but with real data.



How often is the data refreshed?

Unlike other “once a year” surveys or occasional health risk assessments, Benovate’s Living approach to engagement means updated, real-time interaction which translates to real-time data updates. 

Request a demo to see Benovate’s advanced research tool in action!

Are my employee's answers protected?
We take the safety and security of our Members very seriously. Just like our HIPAA-level security around our Living HRA and other health-related questions, we maintain the same level of protection surrounding these workplace and culture questions.

As a Member, you should feel secure answering questions knowing that your answers will only be combined with other Member’s responses, and shared with your employer only in aggregate.

As an employer, you’ll be better informed about the workplace health of your employees with live results available in the Benovate Admin Dashboard.

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