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Melissa Hennessey

Marketing Director

Melissa Hennessey

Marketing Director

Unique benefits only have an impact when used…

We’ve all heard the old phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know,” and this can be especially true when it comes to health, wellbeing and other employer-sponsored benefits. I recently helped a relative navigate a Long Term Disability (LTDI) claim so they could take the time off work that they needed to recover from an accident. If I hadn’t overheard her distress in the conversation at the family dinner, I’m not sure what she would have done – she was completely unaware that her work even offered LTDI, let alone what her benefit would be, or how to proceed. I can’t help but think that just a little more information, just a little easier access on the part of her employer would have been invaluable.

She “didn’t know what she didn’t know,” and almost missed out on a great service that was already part of her benefits package. Her employer knew it was important enough to offer a great DI policy, but perhaps they could have done something different to promote it.

Countless other employees and companies face the same struggle every day. Leadership carefully selects healthcare benefits, insurance programs, wellbeing and whole-person ecosystems, retirement and financial packages, health coaching, and more. In most cases, when a new employee joins the team, they’re shown all the programs they have access to. But even with this starting effort, we often still see disappointing utilization numbers and a lack of satisfaction on the part of the employees.

So how can we help your population become more engaged feel supported, and take advantage of all the curated programs you’ve pulled together?


Start with downloading our Benovate Resource Checklist around benefit program evaluations.

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Follow these 3 steps to improve visibility and utilization:

ANALYZE – Start by reviewing all your current employee benefits.


Make a spreadsheet with every program title, employee eligibility requirements (if any), and details like cost, enrollment periods, and relevant links.


Use employee surveys or analytics tools like the Benovate Population Research Tool to determine any gaps in population need; review the list with leadership.

SHARE – Benefits and programs will only work if your employees know where to find them, and how to take advantage of each program’s services.


If you don’t already have an intranet, create a simple page using Google sites, or another drag-and-drop website creator. Focus on how easy it will be for your employees to find the basic level of information – can they log into an app like Benovate, or will they have to use a VPN, search through email, etc.


Use either the messaging component of your wellbeing program or create and schedule your own set of informative emails about each initiative. Use the spreadsheet you created in the Analyze step to map out a calendar and content plan. Always include links back to your intranet, or wellbeing program’s benefit features page.

REVIEW – Review all your programs on a quarterly basis.


Review Key Performance Metrics for your total wellbeing or wellness program, as well as each individual offering. Services like telehealth, wellness/wellbeing, health coaching, etc. should all offer usage statistics you can use to evaluate the impact each one has over time. Set goals for increased utilization, and work with your wellbeing program admins to determine the best path forward.

After you’ve taken these critical first steps to analyze and spread the word about your programming, you may find that your population still needs a bit more of push. Clear communication and easy access are the cornerstones to supporting a solid program or benefit.

empower your employees with

Consider one of our largest clients, a TPA with multiple different employers in their programs. One of the benefits they’ve elected to offer all employees within the organization is access to a “telehealth,” or virtual care program. Members (employees) can simply login to Benovate on their app or desktop and tap the menu button to have instant access to a medical professional for a huge range of concerns and symptoms, including preventative care or travel medicine.

Industry statistics are fuzzy for the “telehealth” usage due to the lack of reporting by private enterprise, but a typical corporate usage rate is only around 2-3%. With our TPA group, however, we see Members holding appointments year round at a 6-8% rate!

Benovate solves for three critical pieces supporting better utilization:

1. We spread the word through our ongoing communications like emails and push notifications automatically.

2. Our patented algorithm learns when a Member might be starting to feel ill, and reminds them that they can, and should, make use of their virtual care services.

3. Access is simple – login from anywhere, hold your appointment from anywhere.

If you’re curious about your own population stats, or you’d like to explore what Benovate could solve for your group, please contact us at We’d love to hear what you’re building for your employee population.

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