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Brittany Chester

Content Design Specialist

Brittany Chester

Content Design Specialist

The Importance of Employee Wellbeing Benefits.

Employee wellbeing is becoming more and more important to employers as time goes on. Studies on productivity and output show a clear correlation between not just how an employee performs, but how they feel as well. Just like anyone, when we have a cold, a sore back, or some other ailment, our attention isn’t as focused.

Keeping Employees Happy & Fulfilled with Benovate

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For proof, look at Johnson & Johnson. Their leadership team estimates that the company has saved $250 million on health care costs over the past decade. That’s $2.71 saved for every dollar spent between 2002-2008. It’s proof that strategic, intentional investments in wellness benefits and wellness programs pay off in big ways.

Stories like this are a big reason why so many organizations are jumping on the corporate health and wellbeing bandwagon. In addition to health savings, healthy employees are more productive, influence others to do the same, and tend to stay at organizations longer as well. There’s definitely plenty of reasons for companies to invest in the overall wellbeing of their employees.

But while companies might be quick to roll out employee wellbeing benefit programs, they might not take much care with helping employees actually understand these benefits. Some are obvious: health insurance, flexible schedules, and free healthy snacks speak for themselves. But more esoteric offerings, like mindfulness training, employee assistance, or wellness programs often don’t engage as many employees.

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Low utilization for corporate health and wellness programs usually comes back to one thing: they don’t know about the programs or don’t see how it relates to them. A busy Human Resources department (or other department tasked with the roll out) typically doesn’t have time to disseminate the information in full in a way that speaks to every employee. Blanket emails, PDF handbooks, and other quick tactics don’t invite high levels of engagement. And that’s just what these kinds of employee wellness programs need to be effective.

We really relate to this here at Benovate, since we are a wellbeing platform and one of our main areas of focus is aimed at engaging members. Employees have to actually use a program for it to be effective and make an impact.

Benovate’s innovative features can take the heavy lifting out of the hands of your Human Resources department. Employees can access their benefits through a custom-designed portal that works to engage, educate and encourage through extensive personalization and a point system that literally incentivizes them to log in and engage with a variety of activities. It enables employees to take responsibility for their health in a way that’s inspiring and not punitive. Benovate provides marketing materials and even offers the ability for administrators to create custom cards that inform employees of events, benefit deadlines, or any other company-specific notifications. This makes it easy to seamlessly integrate with and enhance any offerings that may be in place already.

Corporate health and wellbeing benefits don’t have to require intensive campaigns to increase engagement. Connect with Benovate today to learn how our solution can help your employees become more motivated to be proactive about their overall wellbeing.

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