Our ‘living’ approach to health risk education,

engagement, and risk mitigation. 

We call it ‘living’ because our assessment evolves with each Member

The Benovate Living Health Risk Assessment (HRA) helps identify health risks based on answers to questions related to your unique health journey. Instead of each employee or group member taking an old HRA once each year, our Living HRA continuously questions each Member so that the Benovate content ecosystem can adapt in real-time. 

Better information

Benovate collects data from your employee’s honest answers and provides aggregate live reporting in the Benovate Admin Dashboard. As an Administrator, you get an advanced view of data to help inform your initiatives. 

Better engagement

Great content is only as good as its relevancy – Based on Member answers the content, education, and activities in Benovate will begin to adapt to each Member experience.  

Imagine if the same tool that collected health data responded to risks as well?

We have designed our Living HRA to ask questions repeatedly at a frequency based on the prior answer to that same question.  A Member may share that they don’t experience back pain, but then injure themselves working out a week later. Now they have all the risks associated with back pain, and if we’d waited a year to ask them again they could be well on their way down a dangerous path. Since we will be asking and re-asking questions throughout the year, we feel our survey will never be complete because a Member’s wellbeing is never complete.  Members also receive credit for each question they answer as they go to incentivize them to continue interacting with the platform.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how the Living Health Risk Assessment works!

Is your Health Assessment included, or do I pay an extra fee?
The Benovate Living Health Risk Assessment is one of the cornerstones of the Benovate platform and it is absolutely included in every instance. 
Can I add my own questions to the Living Health Risk Assessment?
We always welcome suggestions for Benovate content! If you’d like to submit any suggestions, for the Living HRA or any other Cards (content built into Benovate), please email us directly at and we will take them into consideration for future developments.  As an Admin, you’ll also have access to our Card Creation Tool in the Benovate Admin Dashboard – You’ll be able to create all kinds of custom content to supplement our content and living assessments. 
What happens after a Member finishes the Living HRA?
Once a Member has completed the first set of questions in the Living HRA, they will begin to see content customized specifically to their situation. A few examples are:
  • Their specific health risks
  • Current health concerns
  • Situational content related to family situations 
  • Personal health goals and development
Just as the Living HRA assists Benovate in learning about each individual Member’s physical and mental health concerns, our Living Growth Assessment helps to dive content around workplace, culture and personal growth. Learn more here  –
Are my employee's answers protected?
We take the safety and security of our Members very seriously – We adhere to strict HIPAA-level security around our Living HRA and we maintain the same level of protection surrounding all of our assessments, questions, and content. As a Member, you should feel secure answering questions knowing that your answers will only be combined with other Member’s responses, and shared with your employer only in aggregate. As an employer, you’ll be better informed about the workplace health of your employees with live results available in the Benovate Admin Dashboard.

Discovery Demo Request

We like to start our conversations with what we call the “Discovery Demo” so we can learn more about the culture and community you are building, as well as show you a little more about how Benovate works.