Replace your old surveys with our ongoing

(a.k.a. living) employee engagement tools

67% of the American workforce is disengaged and not committed.

What’s more than this, according to a recent Gallup poll, 51% of employees are actively searching for a new job. As an employer, when you see stats like this… what are you supposed to do? What truly motivates your employees? The Benovate Living Growth Assessment makes it simple to collect real-time data, and make choices that support and motivate your people.

Real-time Data

Benovate collects data from your employee’s honest answers and provides aggregate live reporting in the Benovate Admin Dashboard. As an Administrator, you get a whole new set of data to help inform your initiatives! A dashboard of aggregate data, entirely focused on your workplace engagement will be available in the Admin Console. Company Culture, Burnout and Turnover Prediction are just a few of the key elements included in the assessment and reporting.

Better Ideas, More Motivation

Based on Member answers, education and activities will begin to be included in each Member experience, helping improve engagement and maintain joy in their daily work.

Connecting with your Employees can be fun & easy – Imagine if the data you collected could motivate at the same time?

Old “satisfaction surveys” just don’t satisfy – With the Benovate Living Growth Assessment, your people will feel safe answering honestly in the secure Benovate environment. Then, as the employer, you’ll get access to real-time aggregated reporting so you can make quick decisions based on what motivates your employees, not anyone else’s. We call it our living assessment because of our persistent questions, content, and constantly evolving patented algorithm. Request more information today to see how it works, and the impact it will have on your group.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how the Living Growth Assessment works!

Is the Living Growth Assessment included, or do I pay an extra fee?
We are proud to include the Living Growth Assessment as a part of all Benovate instances! There are no additional fees or set-up process steps.
Can I add my own questions to the LGA?
We always welcome suggestions for Benovate content! If you’d like to submit any suggestions, for the LGA or any other types of Cards, please email us directly at and we will take them into consideration for future developments. We look forward to hearing from you!
Why do you call it a "living" assessment?
We call it a ‘living’ assessment to draw a clear line between our advanced, persistent approach and other antiquated “once-a-year” survey options.  Not only does the Living Growth Assessment continuously survey and work with your people, but the protected information collected is also aggregated into real-time data you can use to understand your population better than ever before.  Imagine knowing if your employees are happy at work, or about to burn-out? And then go deeper to find out why, and take action – All within your Benovate universe. 
What happens after I finish my Living Growth Assessment?
Once a Member has completed the first set of questions in the LGA, they will begin to see content customized specifically to their situation. A few examples are:
  • Their workplace situation
  • Current management responsibilities
  • Growth and advancement concerns or desires
  • Personal development, etc.
Just as the Living HRA assists Benovate in learning about each individual Member’s physical and mental health concerns, the Living Growth Assessment helps to dive content around workplace, culture and personal growth.
Are my employee's answers protected?
We take the safety and security of our Members very seriously. Just like our HIPAA-level security around our Living HRA and other health-related questions, we maintain the same level of protection surrounding these workplace and culture questions. As a Member, you should feel secure answering questions knowing that your answers will only be combined with other Member’s responses, and shared with your employer only in aggregate. As an employer, you’ll be better informed about the workplace health of your employees with live results available in the Benovate Admin Dashboard.

Discovery Demo Request

We like to start our conversations with what we call the “Discovery Demo” so we can learn more about the culture and community you are building, as well as show you a little more about how Benovate works.